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Father's Rights in Custody & Visitation

Riverside Fathers' Rights Attorney

Protecting Fathers' Rights in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Corona and San Bernardino County

The courts are always looking out for the best interest of your children in a divorce or Paternity action. If you are a father initiating a family law case, you should be recognized as a very important figure in your child's eyes. The courts recognize this fact when our law firm takes active steps towards protecting fathers' rights in the Family Court.

We believe it is vital that as a father you receive all the benefits a mother would receive when it comes to child custody. For instance, are your work hours able to allow you 50/50 joint custody with your children? If so, the old customary routine of giving mom the children "all the time" would not be favorable to you nor to your kids. Your visitation rights are a primary concern at the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles. We know that most fathers want to be a part of the decision making, the schools, homework and sports involved in their children's lives. We don't look past this fact. It is actually one of the most important issues in a Family Law Divorce or Paternity matter.

Fathers' visitation rights are changing throughout the entire United States. We will uphold this positive movement towards fathers. Attorney Richard K. Isles is a strong Fathers' Rights advocate in the courts. Anytime a father is involved in an uncontested or contested divorce, our entire staff will work as a team to defend fathers rights. We have seen one after another joint custody awards for fathers. With this said, you can imagine not missing the most important moments of your son or daughters childhood years.

Keep in mind that your divorce or legal separation should be with your spouse, not your children. We will make every effort to advocate for the father who wants to be a part of his child's life.

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